Health Guarantee

I WILL NOT sell a bunny that is under 8-weeks of age. There are too many problems that can crop up with transitioning, even under the best of care.

I offer a THREE WEEK health guarantee.

Stud Serivce

I DO NOT offer my bucks out for stud. PLEASE DO NOT ASK!

Possible Delivery Points

We travel frequently between Kokomo, IN and South Bend, IN. If there are rabbits you are interested in, we would be happy to meet you there on one of our scheduled trips, at no additional cost.

We also travel to the Big Rapids, MI, area a few times a year, and can meet anywhere convenient to our route, at no additional cost.

If you live somewhere we do not typically travel to, and if our schedule allows, we MAY be able to transport a bunny to you for the added charge of 55 cents a mile.

Sales Procedures

* ALL YOUTH: Do not inquire about available rabbits unless you FIRST HAVE PARENTAL CONSENT.

Prices are subject to change based on growth and development. Once an inquiry has been made at a posted price, I will not change it on you.

A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to hold a rabbit until it can be picked up by you. I strongly suggest the use of PayPal, as that guarantees I receive your deposit in a very quick manner. Any deposit that is mailed to me via the Postal Office MUST be received by me within 5 business days. I WILL NOT guarantee availability of the rabbit(s) after that. If the rabbits have sold and then your deposit is received I will return your deposit in full.

If you are sending a deposit to hold an EA: I will hold an EA for two weeks. After that period of time there will be a 'maintenance charge' of $5 per week for me to hold the rabbit for you.

English Angora's: Potential show quality start at $100. Breeding quality & young promising start at $75. Pet quality are $50.

Holland Lop's: Show quality start at $75. Breeding & 4-H quality start at $50. Pet quality are $35.

The listing of a breeding under "Upcoming Litters" in no way guarantees babies will actually be born from the breeding. Birth of babies also does not guarantee that they will be offered for sale. Babies are kept until they are at least 8 weeks old in order for me to access their quality.

Deliveries can be made to any show that I plan on attending.

I have the right to decline the sale of a rabbit to anyone, at any time, at my discretion.

Use of transporters: If a transporter is picking rabbits up for you at a show, it is your responsibility to inspect the rabbits immediately upon their arrival to you. If there are ANY issues (wrong sex, wrong rabbit, health problems, DQ's,etc) with the rabbits that you have purchased, you MUST contact me within 2-days.

Pedigrees and any relevant paperwork (registrations, legs, etc) will be supplied at the time of sale.

Pending - Means someone has expresssed interest in buying this rabbit, but a deposit has not been received.

Hold - a 50% deposit has been received. The rabbit is still 'for sale' until the 50% deposit is received by me. Rabbits must then be picked up within 2 weeks unless other arrangements have been made.

Sold - Means the rabbit is no longer available.

About Angora's

Think Hard & Long Before You Purchase

I'm going to get on my soap box here for a bit. Don't groan and skip reading the rest of this. Angora's are an incredibly beautiful rabbit. You see them, especially when young juniors and your heart just melts, and you WANT one. It can't be helped.

I have taken in two 'rescue' EA's so far, in only one-year. A wonderful breeder I know in Canada, has recently taken in three. (She by the way, has gorgeous EA's). They were in deplorable condition. You can read about them here on her site and maybe get a better understanding of what I'm attempting to say here.

I breed my Angora's so that I can improve the breed. I breed them so that I can have some rabbits to take to 'the show' and do well with. I DO NOT breed for the sole purpose of turning them into cash. For this breed, that is just wrong. There is SO MUCH time and care commitment required to correctly take care of these rabbits. They must be groomed at LEAST once a week. Every other day is optimal in my rabbits. You can not simply throw them food and water and come back the next day and do it again.

I had four litters this Spring. It was almost more then I could effectively manage. By six weeks all those little cuties need to be groomed. That baby wool just loves to knot up behind the ears and in the cheeks. If you don't stay on top of it, there goes that beautiful coat, in a matter of no time at all. Once it's matted up, there is no other choice then to clip it off and start over. A slow process.

You must watch their water daily. Are they drinking? If not, they could have wool block.

You must turn into a 'poop' watcher, also almost daily. Are they pooping? Does it look normal or is it turning into a necklace with strings holding everything together? Could have wool block. Do you know what to do?

You must blow out their coat because it will expose the nasty wool mites which are almost inevitable at one time or another. Is there an unusual amount of body dander? Little bite marks? Is the bunny suddenly really cranky or scratching at itself a lot? She may have wool mites. Take immediate action. Again, do you know what to do if this happens? If you don't, you haven't done enough reading yet.

They are almost like having a toddler - you have to watch them all the time.

I'm not trying to diminish the breed in any way, shape or form. I just want to be very clear on what is required of any future Angora owner. These bunnies need to go to a dedicated owner. I would be absolutely heart broke to know that something I raised was not being taken care as well as it should be.

How I Classify EA's

Pet/Wooler Quality: The rabbit most likely has a disqualification of some sort or has a feature about it that you would not want to perpetuate by breeding (bad body type for instance).

Breeder Quality A breeder COULD have a DQ (for instance mismatched toe nail) that would not be a factor in breeding. Most likely, they WILL NOT have a DQ. These will be a very nice animals, but just doesn't have 'the look' of a show animal. Most likely comes from strong lineage. Would make a wonderful animal to breed with and most likely would be just fine to show (if free of a DQ). Just not as strong of an animal as Show Quality.

Show Quality No disqualifications at the time of sale. These guys have the 'look'. In my opinion, they have that 'look at me' about them. Wide, well furnished faces, good crimp to their wool, and nice smooth bodies are happening here.