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Holland Lop Related

NEW Link Frosted & Snowball Colored Rabbits by Barrow Bunnies.

What Colors Do Holland Lop's Come In?

Peanuts vs Max Factors Explains what they are and why they happen in dwarf breeds.

A DWARF MUTATION IN THE RABBIT: The Constitutional Influence on Homozygous and Heterzygous Individuals

Lynx vs Cream Really good explanation of Lynx vs Cream color in the Hollands with pictures.

So what does a REAL Lynx look like? SunnieBunnie Rabbitry. This is a really good page with kit pictures up to adults. They raise Mini-Rex, but it is still very helpful.

Lop Color Guide Vail's Lops. They raise Mini-lops, but, close enough! Many good adult pictures including eye color photos.

Lutino/p-mutation Information

The Lutino Article written by Amy Hinkle.

OCA2 from the Genetics Home Reference.

The p-Locus (Pink-Eyed Dilution) from The Coat Colors of Mice.

Red rabbits with red eyes - Lutino and Shadow

English Angora/Fiber Related

Angora Rabbit Guidebook by Margaret Bartold. Highlights history & general care requirements.

Lil's Angora Rabbit Online Technical Manual by Lil Peck. More care & health information.

Merck Veterinary Manual This particular page is on hairball (or for Angoras, wool block) remedies. Good to know.

Trichobezoar Photo. Photo of wool block - it's just nasty. Why it's important NOT to let them happen in the first place.

English Angora Colors This site has a lot of English Angora color pictures.

Northern California Angora Guild Blog entries by Betty Chu. Fun to look at. All sorts of fiber related entries, not just EA related.

All Fiber Arts Tons of fiber art related stuff.

Michigan Fiber Fest. If you do anything using fiber, check this out.

Clubs/National Level Shows/Forums

ARBA American Rabbit Breeders Association

ARBA District 8 Website Website for Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Manitoba & Ontario.

NARBC National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club

HLRSC Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club

MAC Michigan Angora Club

MSRBA Michigan State Rabbit Breeders Association

OHLRF Ohio Holland Lop Rabbit Fanciers

IRBA Illinois Rabbit Breeders Association

2013 ARBA National Convention Information Harrisburg, PA: Oct 19th - Oct 23rd, 2013

St. Joseph County 4-H Fair June 29th - July 7th, 2012

Rabbit Talk In Ohio Show flyers, breeder listings, articles, forum, etc.

General Rabbit Care

NEW Link Pasteurella- Rabbit by Long Beach Animal Hospital. Very good article on Pasteurella with many vet photos of how the disease can manifest (if you have a weak stomach you may not want to look at the photos).

"Nutrition of Rabbits". Merck Vet Manual - walks you thru other pages related to rabbit diseases. Very good.

"Disorders and Diseases of Rabbits". This is from The Merck Manual for Pet Health. Very good.

Bracing a Baby Bunny with "Splay-leg". This article shows you have to split the legs of a bunny with splayed legs.

Medirabbit. This is a REALLY good site for all kinds of rabbit health questions.

H.A.R.E. - Houserabbit Adoption, Rescue and Education. University of Miami, Dept. of Biology - Base site of the two links that follow:

Runny Eyes, Runny Nose. What do They Mean? by Dana Krempels. University of Miami, Dept. of Biology.

What Should I Feed My Bunny? by Dana Krempels. University of Miami, Dept. of Biology.

Rabbit Digestion. What happens to that food after the bunny finally swallows.

Saving Wild Baby Rabbits

Plantain Article on using Plantain for rabbit health.

Three Little Ladies List of herbs & their uses for rabbits.

Rabbit Medicine by Margaret A. Wissman, D.V.M., D.A.B.V.P. Lists many diseases rabbits can get.

Sites Specific to Encephalitozoon cuniculi (e. cuniculi) ie Wry Neck, Faders

Wry Neck How to treat it from Barbi Brown. This has worked for me several times.

Prevention and treatment of Encephalitozoon cuniculi infection in rabbits with fenbendazole. This scientific study goes hand-in-hand with the Barbi Brown article. This is why I now use SafeGuard in conjunction with the Ivermec when treating wry neck or faders.

Activity of bleach, ethanol and two commercial disinfectants against spores of Encephalitozoon cuniculi. More on e. cuniculi.

"Encephalitozoon Cuniculi" a talk given by Molly Varga from Ashleigh Veterinary Practice 26 June 2003.

"Screening of compounds for antimicrosporidial acitivity in vitro" 1998.

"The Eukaryotes: Fungi, Algae, & Protozoa" Lecture materials for Amy Warenda Czura, Ph. D.

Sites Specific to Intestinal Disorders

Utilization of Cholestyramine... Scientific study showing Cholestyramine as a treatment for Enterotoemia in rabbit. This is the study that I took to my vet so I could get a prescription for Cholestyramine (Questran).

The Mystery of Rabbit Poop Runny stool and why.

Merck Vet Manual Rabbit intestinal diseases.

Cholestyramine & Loperamide References Use of Cholestyramine [Questran®] for the treatment of enteric disorders in rabbits.

GastroIntestinal Stasis, The Silent Killer by Dana M. Krempels, Ph.D. This is an EXCELLENT article on GI Stasis.

Mucoid Enteritis in Rabbits - Is there an infectious element linked to Encephalitozoon cuniculi? CottonTails Rescue. And, more information.

Mucoid enteropathy: Treatment with Apramycin of naturally infected rabbits. Research I found; yr 2000.

Histological Findings in Rabbits Which Died With Symptoms of Mucoid Enteritis by Asher Meshorer. yr 1976.

Association of iota-like toxin and Clostridium spiroforme with both spontaneous and antibiotic-associated diarrhea and colitis in rabbits. from the Journal of Clinical Microbiology.

Evaluation of a toxoid for protection of rabbits against enteroxaemia experimentally induced by trypsin-activated supernatant of Clostridium spiroforme. from Veterinary Microbiology.

Association of iota-like toxin and Clostridium spiroforme with both spontaneous and antibiotic-associated diarrhea and colitis in rabbits. US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health.

Rabbit Genetics

NEW Link 'Linkage Papers' by William Ernest Castle. This is available as a Google e-book.

NEW Link The Coat Colors of Mice by Willys K. Silvers 1979. Yes, this is about mice, however, there are many similarities to the rabbit coat color genetics and there has been much more research done on mice color genetics then rabbits.

NEW Link Steel Rabbit Genetics from Does a good job of explaining why the steel gene hide on you. Go to the main genetics page for information on the five primary color genes.

'Genetic Linkage in the Rabbit' by Castle and Sawin. One of the early studies of genetic linkage in rabbits. 1941.

Genetics 101: Introduction to Genetics Terms and Concepts for Understanding Rabbit Coat Color Genetics

Rabbit Genetics DebMark Rabbit Education Resource.

The Nature Trail Rabbitry Genetics Page. Good genetics information for those wanting to learn about the 5 basic genes. Also a good table of the 144 possible colors.

An Illustrated Guide to Rabbit Coat Colour Genetics. Mink Hollow Farm in Alberta, Canada. Very nice discussion of genetics with excellent pictures. Focuses on Rex rabbits, but the genetics are the same.

Rabbit Genes List of the known rabbit gene groups and their alleles by Amy Hinkle.

'Frosted' and 'Snowball' Rabbits. Incorrectly colored kits that suffer from white discoloration of the undercoat.


Mold and Mycotoxins in Rabbit Feed.


A study of the airborne inoculum of two mycotoxin producing wheat pathogens


NEW Link International Animal Export Regulations. from the USDA.

KD Cage & Supplies. I get most of my cages and supplies from these guys. Very nice people and they make a high quality cage. Located in Newcastle, IN.

Klubertanz. Cages, wire, supplies. Located in WI. All sorts of rabbit stuff. I personally have not ordered anything from them before, so have no experience with them.