The Does

GC GBF's Ingrid (4 Legs)

BEST IN SHOW! MSRBA Show-C 11/25/2012!!

Tort holland lop.

Tort Doe. "High and tight" is how I like to describe this girl - naturally upright and proud poser. Lovely full hinquarter and good bone. She could use more width in her shoulders.

Ingrid granded easily: 1st SJD RVRC 9/2012, BOB as SJD at Wabash 9/2012, BOS SSD Nappanee 11/2012. Then, BIS MSU ShowC 11/2012.

Tort junior holland lop.

GC GBF's Topeka (14 Legs)

GC ELS's Elden (5 legs) x ELS's Tallie (2 legs)

GBF's Topeka wins Best-4-Class.

9th Place BSD, 38 entries. Holland Lop Nationals 2009!

9th Place BSD, 30 entries. Holland Lop Nationals Specialty 2009!

Best 4 Class, Illinois RBA Spring Show 2009, Show A!

I so loved this doe, but unfortunately, I lost her summer of 2012. Thank goodness I have her daughter Timka.

GBF's Apropos (2 Legs)

GBF's Tobias x LL's Avalanche

Tort Junior doe out of GBF's Tobias and LL Avalanche. Tort Junior doe out of GBF's Tobias and LL Avalanche. Tort Junior doe out of GBF's Tobias and LL Avalanche.

PROVEN Tort Doe.

Pronounced ap-ruh-poh. Beautiful doe out of Avalanche! Very nice head and ear on Apropos, not to mention stubby legs. I like her a lot. She is a smaller doe though.

GBF's Arcturos, GBF's Ampersand and GBF's Caboose are offspring of Apropos.

2nd/11 Show A, 1st/11 Show B (leg) - Huntington 2/2009; 1st of 6 MMRBA 9/2010 (leg).

GBF's Tesla (2 Legs)

GBF's Tsunami x GBF's Tess (1 leg)

Tort Junior doe at Green Barn Farm in South Bend, Indiana.

PROVEN Tort Doe.

Linebred to ELS Tallie. Carries either shaded or REW from sire.

Tesla did really well this weekend at the Columbia City shows: 1st of 15 in the HHLCC Specialty, and 3rd of 13 in the NCRF Open Show on 3/13/2010. Then on Sunday, she took BOV in the HHLCC Specialty and 2nd of 17 in the WCRF Open Show. Good job Tesla!!

8-weeks old.

GBF's Beretta (1 leg)

GBF's Pistol Pete x GC GBF's Topeka (14 Legs)

Jr. Doe. Jr. Doe. Jr. Doe.

PROVEN Broken Tort Charlie Doe. Love this doe. Small, compact, upright.

GBF's Pixie Dust

GBF's Elias x KKR's Ebony

Tort holland lop junior doe. Tort holland lop junior doe. Tort holland lop junior doe.

PROVEN Tort Sr Doe. Pixie is a very small little girl, but so very typey. Love her.

Junior pictures.

GBF's Bombay

Broken tort junior holland lop.

Broken Tort Doe. Just moved Bombay into 'mom' mode. Working on getting her bred.

GBF's Just Cause

Scott's Prospector x GBF's Julep

Black holland lop senior doe.

PROVEN Black Sr Doe. Just Cause is the result of breeding Prospector back to one of his daughters.

Junior picture.

GBF's Kachina

GC GBF's Tyraid x GBF's Caldera

Tort junior doe.

PROVEN Tort Doe. A Caldera daughter. Another doe I really like. Love her uprightness and heavy bone.

GC Holland Haven's Gazelle (4 Legs)

17th place SSD 2011 ARBA Convention.

Tort senior holland lop doe.

PROVEN Tort Doe. Gazelle has just turned Senior. She earned 2 legs, in her first two shows as a junior. She has turned out so pretty.

Dam to GBF's Van Gogh and GBF's Sheldon.

BOSG Wabash-A 9/24/11 (leg), BOS Wabash-B 9/24/11 (leg)

GBF's Ithaca (1 Leg)

Scott's "Prospector" x GBF's Beretta

Broken tort junior doe.

PROVEN Broken Tort Doe. Ithaca has proven to be a very good mom, and is making me some very nice babies.

GBF's Objection and GBF's Crossfire are two hotties she has produced for me so far.

BOS Wabash-A 9/24/11

GBF's Timka (2 Legs)

Tort junior holland lop doe. Tort junior holland lop doe.

PROVEN Tort Doe. My single and only daughter out of GC GBF's Topeka. She has been a cutie since just a few weeks of age. Solid loin and full HQ on this young lady, like her mom.

So far I have gotten two beautiful broken tort does out of her, GBF's Tinsel & GBF's Tatum.

1st/6 ISRBA 9/17/11 (leg)

1st/8 Wabash-A 9/24/11 (leg)

ELS's Tallie (2 Legs)

Tallie produces my best show rabbits. I love this doe.

ELS's Tallie - Holland Lop Sr. Doe

RETIRED Tort Doe. Tallie has a beautiful body, topline, flesh condition, and rollback fur not to mention full hindquarter. She has a knockout body! Her fault, however, is a tight crown causing her ears to airplane a bit. But, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this doe. She goes back to Y&K's Bernie, Tommie, CN.

Who I've Produced: GC GBF's Tahlia (7 legs); GC GBF's Talora (4 legs); GC GBF's Topeka (14 legs); GBF's Tobias.

RETIRED and living with our original herd buck, ELS Elden.

GC GBF's Tahlia (7 Legs)

GC ELS's Elden (5 Legs) x ELS's Tallie (2 Legs)

5th Place SSD, 61 entries. Holland Lop Nationals 2009!

19th Place SSD, 47 entries. Holland Lop Nationals Specialty 2009!

Holland Lop Junior Doe. Holland Lop Junior Doe width of shoulder.

PROVEN Tort Doe.

Here is Tahlia pictured at not quite 5 months. I love the curvature of her face and all the 'stuffing' she has in her hindquarters. Very nice wide open ears due to a nice front to back depth of her crown. Littermate sister to Topeka above.


GBF's Tess (1 Leg)

GC ELS's Elden (5 Legs) x ELS's Tallie (2 Legs)

Broken tort holland doe.

Another "body doe" out of Tallie and Elden. Tess has a substantial body, very short shoulders with absolutely no neck and a beautiful open ear. Her HQ is full to the table. Her head is molting now, so that is not helping her in this picture. I wish she had a higher head mount though.

Dam to GBF's Trooper and GBF's Erin.


GBF's Erin

Erz's EZ Ben x GBF's Tess (1 Leg)

Tort holland lop junior doe. Tort holland lop senior doe.

Tort Sr Doe. Erin is such a good mom; typically 5 kits to a litter. Need to find out if she picked up REW from Ben...


GBF's Victoria (1 Leg)

GBF's Emmet x GBF's Baron (1 Leg)

Broken Tort Junior doe out of GBF's Emmet.

PROVEN Tort Doe.

Love her full, fleshy HQ and heavy bone. Very nice headset.