Watch Me Grow Up: GBF's Legend, Blue Tort EA

EA litter 2 week EA

My siblings and I were born October 24th, 2007. I am in the upper right of the first picture, looking silvery/gray in color (I match my mom's wool). 1 day old litter.

Here I am at 2 weeks old.

1mth EA Blue Tort EA

At 1 month I'm starting to get wooly.

Blue Tort at 6 weeks

GBF's Legend - Blue Tort Jr. Show Quality Buck GBF's Legend - Blue Tort Jr. Show Quality Buck

When I turned 8 weeks I finally got a name, GBF's Legend. I think they are expecting great things from me!

Legend is now 3 months old. Aren't I handsome?? I have been to my first rabbit show already.

GBF's Legend - Blue Tort Jr. Show Quality Buck

I'm 4 months now. I am 'Goin' To the Show' this weekend and I'm getting all spiffed up for it. Aren't I a handsome fellow?

GBF's Legend looking positively gorgeous as a 5-month old. He did well for Jessica at the Fulton, NY show taking 2nd place in both Shows to GC Adore's Amadeo, also of BumbleBeary. That was very good considering Legend was a 5 month old in a senior class! I am SO proud of him. Just look at that lush coat!

Seven months old and all wool. Jessica sends me this update: "So Legend got BOS yesterday! He looks fabulous right now."

Watch Me Grow Up: Holland Lop - Siamese Sable/Sable Point

Shaded kits. Shaded kits.

We were born January 15th, 2010. We are pictured at 4 days old.

Shaded kits. Shaded kits.

6 days. The points on the Sable Point are darkening slightly. The Siamese Sable is a deep sepia brown color.

Siamese sable kit. shaded kits. Sable point kit.

12 days.

The SS has the shimmery cast to his fur now.

The points on the SP are becoming more pronounced.

Their eyes opened yesterday.

Sable point junior doe. GBF's Brimstone.

GBF's Brimstone at 2-months and 6-months.

Siamese Sable Holland Lop Jr. Buck.

GBF's Dusty Devil at 5.5 months.