The Bucks

GBF's Milo

SA's Magnum (Lilac Fctd Black) x Dowling's Calla (Lilac Fctd Broken Tort)

Broken tort holland lop.

PROVEN Broken Tort Sr. Buck. This guy is really cute! He throws really nice heads and solid bone. Proven to carry both dilute and chocolate.

Genotype aa Bb C_ Dd ee En en

Litter sired by Milo.

Litter of chocolates and chocolate carriers sired by GBF's Milo. Aren't we CUTE?!

GBF's Pendleton

Dowling's Patriot x Dowling's Calla

Chocolate tort junior buck. Chocolate tort junior buck.

PROVEN Chocolate Tort Jr. Buck. He is turning out VERY nicely! Pendleton has some radar ears going on, but the rest of him is so solid and nice.

Genotype aa bb C_ D_ ee

Chocolate tort senior buck. Chocolate tort senior buck.

Pendleton at 14 months.

The Does

GBF's Merkava

GBF's Milo x LSR 5B1

Broken chocolate tort holland lop doe. Broken chocolate tort holland lop doe.

Broken Chocolate Tort Sr. Doe.

Named after a type of tank, as that is what she is. Genotype: aabbC_D_ee.

GBF's Syrah

GBF's Milo x Holland Haven's Chateaux

Chocolate holland lop doe.

Chocolate Sr. Doe.

Working on getting her bred.

GBF's Kennedy

Lilac senior doe.

Lilac Sr. Doe. Pictured at 2.5 months. So happy to have a Lilac.

Genotype: aa bb C_ dd Ee

GBF's Joplin

GBF's Pendleton x GBF's Tangier

Tort holland lop doe.

PROVEN Tort Sr. Doe.

Short chocolate carrier.

GBF's Tangier

GBF's Taber (2 legs) x ARR's Jess

Broken tort holland lop doe.

PROVEN Lilac Factored Broken Tort Jr. Doe. Well! Tangier turned out pretty cute! And, she has a much better crown then her dam (thank you Taber).

Genotype aa Bb C_ Dd ee En en

LSR's Meadow

PROVEN Chocolate Sr. Doe. Thank you so much to Deb Russell for selling me this chocolate doe from her chocolate program. Wide, solid girl. Awesome mom. Reliable, reliable, reliable. She has produced some really nice offspring for me.

Genotype aa bb C_ D_ EE

GBF's Calibri

Dowling's Patriot x GBF's Sydney

Black chocolate carrier holland lop doe.

Black chocolate carrier Sr. Doe. Likely carriers REW.

GBF's Reisling (Choc REW) & GBF's Shiraz (Chocolate)

Dowling's Patriot (Choc) x GBF's Josephine (Choc Agouti)

Black junior holland lop.

Senior chocolate does. Littermate sisters. So excited to have CHOCOLATE based REW to work with! Pictured as wee ones.

Junior Bucks

GBF's Zurich

GBF's Milo x LSR's Meadow

Chocolate holland lop buck.

Chocolate Jr. Buck. Littermate brother to Montreaux below, and Mylee in the Jr. Does.

GBF's Montreaux

GBF's Milo x LSR's Meadow

Broken black junior holland lop buck south bend indiana.

Broken Black Jr. Buck. Chocolate carrier. This little man is turning out quite nice.

Junior Does

GBF's Lumina

GBF's Pendleton x Holland Haven's Melody

Chocolate sable holland lop doe.

Chocolate Sable Jr. Doe. Lumina was quite the surprise in the nestbox. I thought she was a Chocolate at first, but then she started to get that wonky cast to the ends of her hair shaft like Siamese Sables do. So, I pulled another youngster out that I KNEW was chocolate and compared them. Sure enough...she had to be a Chocolate Sable, as I knew for a fact that Pendleton carried REW. There was also a Chocolate Point in the litter, which I had never had before.

Chocolate sable holland lop doe.

Lumina on the left and Zurich (chocolate) on the right, showing the color difference.

GBF's Geneva

Holland Haven's Zhivago x GBF's Patrycja

Broken chestnut junior holland lop.

Broken Chestnut Jr. Doe. Chocolate carrier and good odds that she also carries dilute.

GBF's Mylee

GBF's Milo x LSR's Meadow

Black junior holland lop.

Black Jr. Doe. Chocolate carrier. Love the mass and width of this doe.