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Baby Bunny Bags - Warm Those Cold Kits Safely

Warming bag for cold kits. Warming bag for cold kits. Warming bag for cold kits. Warming bag for cold kits.

Product Purpose.

There have been so many times that I've run to the barn to check on expectant does, only to find cold kits in the box, on the wire or even on the floor. Inevitably, I would be on my way somewhere - no time to warm towels in the dryer and no one else to warm them for me. There really was no choice, other than to take them with me.

The easiest way for us women to warm them up (assuming they are still breathing) is to tuck them into our bra. Yes, in my bra. To school. Or Meijer. Or a rabbit show that was 2-hours away. I judged a science fair once with two newborn kits 'on board'.

I've also had the scenario where a doe has only one or two kits in the litter and the weather temperature is too cold for them to maintain their body heat. Other does are due, but they have not kindled yet. Again, bra to the rescue or I bring the entire nestbox into the house.

Well, the bra works well to warm them up, but it is not such a secure location. And, it's hard to accomplish much if your arm is tucked across your chest to prevent kits from falling out the bottom of the shirt and onto the floor.

So, I decided to design a small bag that I could wear around my neck, under my clothes and close to my body to not only warm them, but to KEEP them warm AND secure. It also needed to serve as a traveling nest box, so that I could stow them in it where ever I was headed to (a drawer, closet, purse, etc). In the case of a small litter, I can deposit them in the bag and hang them somewhere safe.

The inside of the bag had to be soft and non-raveling for the kits. I wanted the outside to be waterproof to prevent leakage, soft since it would be next to my skin and also non-raveling (raveling fabric is not allowed anywhere near my bunnies).

Hence, the Baby Bunny Bag.








Other Uses:

I tuck kits into while cleaning their nestbox.

Serves as a carrying pouch for young cavies, mice, hamsters, gerbiles and other small pets.

My daughter useds one as a Bonding Pouch for her Sugar Glider. Also useful for young Hedgehogs.

Currently Available Exterior Colors

Green Owl fabric. Green Dino fabric. Spring green PUL fabric. Royal Blue PUL fabric. Red PUL fabric. Orange PUL fabric.

Inside of bags are lined with coordinating fleece or Minky.

Contact me to order at $10 each plus shipping. Shipping (weight based) is approximately $3.30 to most zip codes, for one bag.

Customer Comments

Thank you, Gina Marie Cook at Friends of Green Barn Farm, for sending us the most amazing kit saver bag! She thought of everything, from waterproof material on the outside to a nice warm lining. The craftsmanship is ultra professional--this bag will stand up to many, many repeated uses, all while remaining easy to clean. You place the bag around your neck and tuck under your shirt--no more bra babies, LOL! I sew a bit, but there is no way I could have made something so nice. If you are in the market for a bag to save babies born on the wire or cold kits, you should contact her!" - Bozzie's Bunnies, CA

"My bag came today. Love it! Luckily, my first time mom did fine last night. I have another first timer due tomorrow and she destroyed her nest and extra stuffed cage. I don't have a good feeling about her....I may be using this bag soon." - Carol of Lehigh Valley Lops.

A Better Posing Pad

Posing pad for rabbits.

Another item born out of necessity. My biggest pet peeve at a rabbit show is when someone I don't know uses my brand new posing carpet for their rabbits (without asking of course). Into the trash can it goes. Or, how about this one; a nice new carpet square and the rabbit decides to mark it with urine. Ugh.

Most of us know what happens to those carpet squares when you try to wash them in the washing machine - they fall apart. They just are not designed to be washed and dried.

So, I came up with my own idea. Fleece fabric sandwiches a waterproof interior fabric, which is then machine embroidered together. This is a much "greener" alternative to the carpet squares because this posing pad can be washed and dried after EVERY show.

Your rabbit decides to urinate on this posing pad? No problem. Flip it over and use the clean side. The waterproof middle prevents the urine from soaking through to the other side.

Corners have Velcro so it can be attached to your hanging table or the top of show carriers to prevent it from sliding around. 14" x 16" approx. dimensions.

Currently Available Colors

Royal Blue fleeece.

Contact me to order at $10 each plus shipping.